Monday, 21 August 2017
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Singapore Vietnam International School

To cater to the Vietnamese the demand for quality education, KinderWorld Education Group introduced the Premium Vietnamese Education Programme which is offered at Singapore Vietnam International School (SVIS). The Premium Vietnamese Education Programme, is targeted at Vietnamese students who are seeking a broader perspective with an international aspect for their education. With this programme, students will study the full national Vietnamese curriculum regulated by Ministry of Education and Training together with Cambridge’s English* and Mathematics* to develop language competency and problem solving skills. They will also be able to sit for a number of international examinations to prepare for entry into local and international universities. Through our programmes, students become confident and creative individuals, problem solvers, effective communicators and socially responsible citizens.

The first Singapore Vietnam International School opened in Nha Trang in August 2014.

*Subject to availability at campuses. For more information, please visit

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