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Round 1 Regulation Notes

(APMOPS) 2019

First Round – Test Day – 06 April 2019

  1. Test rooms will be open from 8.00am; Participants are seated by 8.30am. If participants arrive early, go directly to the allocated test room.
  2. Test time is from 9.00am – 11.00am. Participants who arrive after 9.00am will not be permitted to sit for the test.
  3. Participants are present in full school uniform and bring their Passport or Birth Certificate.
  4. Participants prepare and bring own stationery (ruler, and more than one of each – pencil, pen and eraser)
  5. All test questions are in English (no translation).
  6. Show your answer clearly on the Answer Sheet. Do not write on Question Booklet.

Test regulations for participants

  1. Stay outside of the test room until greeted and checked by room invigilator.
  2. Participants can only bring pen, pencils, rulers, erasers to their seat.
  3. All other belongings should be put at the front of the test room for the duration of the test.
  4. Mobile phones must be turned off and put on Teacher’s table.
  5. During the test, participants cannot obtain answers through dishonest means.
  6. Violators will be disqualified from this and all future APMOPS competitions.
  7. Participants will receive one copy of Question Booklet, one copy of the Answer Sheet.
  1. Participants have to write name, ID number (g. HN001), School name and Class on the Answer Sheet as well as on the Question Booklet.
  2. Participants should read the instructions in the Question Booklet carefully before doing the tes
  3. All final answers must be written on the separate Answer Sheet provided.
  4. Participants who need to go to toilet have to ask permission of the Invigilator.
  5. Participants can only submit papers after 90 minutes of the test time in order to leave the classroom.

As a part of Hwa Chong’s regulations, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze or Participation Certificates will be announced as the results of the First Round. No test scores will be made available.