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Message from the Chairman



The company was established in 1986 in Singapore and in 2000, after the liberalization of the Enterprise Law, seeing the great market potential during our early visits, we decided to venture into Vietnam. Throughout the years, with the rise of the middle-class as well as the continued upward GDP growth, we have continued to see opportunities for our business growth in Vietnam.

From our first kindergarten, KinderWorld Education Group now operates 17 campuses in Vietnam as well as Malaysia and Thailand, offering through-train education from Kindergarten to High School, University Foundation, Higher and Continuing Education.  We believe that education should equip our students with the essential knowledge and skills needed for a technology-driven and globalized world while preserving and nurturing the significant values and cultures of Asia. Our students’ excellent achievements reflect KinderWorld’s commitment to prepare our students for life-long learning and global citizenship.

Looking ahead, we aim to develop three flagship investment models – Singapore International Super School, Pegasus Smart Uni-City and Pegasus Mixed Eco-Tourism Development in various cities in Vietnam. Singapore International Super School will offer an international education programme with its key focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with accredited global examinations in a complete holistic learning environment.

Pegasus Smart Uni-City in Danang, will have the first Pegasus International University (PIU) to complete the through-train education of the Group. Besides hospitality and business management, courses in media, information and technology will also be offered to cater to the training demands of human resources in the technology industry. Pegasus Mixed Education and Eco-Tourism Development will integrate outdoor education under one of the Group’s subsidiaries, Outward Bound Vietnam, together with eco-tourism and wellness to provide lifestyle services for learners of all ages, families and business organizations.

Aside from developing the business aspect of the company, we remain steadfast in our contribution to social causes. As an education company, we understand that education has a positive impact on society and will continue to contribute through a range of charitable activities to organizations such as Operation Smile, Dreams to Reality and Tourism Occupational Standards (VTOS) scholarships to the underprivileged.

Similarly, we have sponsored scholarships annually for the Asia-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (APMOPS), in English Competency, Advanced Tourism Management and likewise, sponsored Outward Bound Vietnam scholarships providing character development and life skills training.

It is with pride that we share in June, 2017, the medal

Throughout our development journey, human capital has always been one of the core foundations of KinderWorld Education Group.   We continue to invest in the training and development of our people whom we believe form the heart of our organization.

We will look to expand our footprint in ASEAN and China and as we do so, we will continue to innovate and embrace change to propel the Group forward in this ever evolving and competitive landscape.

Ricky Tan