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Corporate Profile


KinderWorld International Group, rooted in 1986 in Singapore, believes in offering the best of international education, guided by Eastern values so as to nurture global citizens who demonstrate respect and responsibility for nature and their community. KinderWorld has grown extensively in Vietnam providing education for students from Pre-Nursery up to High school.

In the late 1990s, the investors of KinderWorld extended its operations into overseas markets, including Vietnam. KinderWorld opened International Pre-school centres under the brand name of KinderWorld International Kindergarten (KIK) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in 2000 and International Primary Schools under the brand name of Singapore International School (SIS) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in 2004.

In Vietnam, the KinderWorld Group operates

International Kindergarten: Classes are kept small with a foreign teacher leading the class, assisted by a Vietnamese teacher according to the teacher-student ratio. This supports an optimal environment in which young minds learn and develop.

Integrated Kindergarten: Classes are led by qualified Vietnamese teachers and assistant teachers; these classes are conducted in English. Three periods per week for Nursery to Kindergarten 2 and half a day for Preparatory will be taught by a foreign teacher.  Classes have a similar teacher-student ratio to the international classes.

Our programme is designed to help each child reach their full potential in an environment that is challenging, secure and nurturing. This is an exciting entry into your child's formal education and it is our hope that it will be a very positive beginning!

We believe that young children learn through active, purposeful interactions with a wide variety of learning materials and activities which develop the growth of the whole child. Because young children are concrete learners, they need to be able to learn by using all their senses and by trying things out on their own.

Learning is based around the key learning areas listed below. The learning goals are sequential in order, with programme goals building upon each other from Pre-nursery all the way through to Prep.

Developmental Skills:

  • Physical, Cognitive, Social & Emotional Development

Academic Subjects:

  • English Language & Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • ICT
  • Art & Craft
  • STEM
  • Social Studies/Virtues
  • Vietnamese

Specialist Subjects:

  • PE
  • Music

International Programme

Our Singapore International Schools offer the International Programme from Year 1 to Year 12. From Year 1 to Year 8, subjects studied follow the Singapore standard with content and skills, similar to those being promoted by the Ministry of Education of Singapore. The curriculum programme covers the key learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Music, Art and Craft, Information and Communication Technology, and Health & Physical Education. From Year 6, Cambridge Global Perspectives and Cambridge Information and Communication Technology are also introduced to the curriculum programme. These subjects are taught in English by foreign teachers. Additionally, Chinese Language is a compulsory subject while Vietnamese Language is offered as an elective in some schools.

In Year 9 and Year 10, students complete the two (2) year Cambridge IGCSE programme where their core subjects are English, Mathematics, Coordinated Science, Business Studies, Information and Communication Technology, Heath & Physical Education and Global Perspectives. Elective subjects are also offered in some schools.

Thereafter, students have two (2) pathways for further studies: (1) Cambridge International Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level at Year 11 and Cambridge International Advanced (A) Level at Year 12 or (2) NCC International Foundation Diploma Programme in Year 11.

Under the Cambridge AS/A Levels, students take subjects such as English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Sociology, Biology, and Economics while under the NCC IFD Programme, students will take six core units including Developing English Language Skills, Advanced English Language Skills, English for Academic Purposes, Study and Communication Skills, Culture Studies, Foundation Mathematics and 2 other elective units from one of the six diploma streams of Business, Computing, Higher Finance, Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Health Sciences.

In ensuring the best outcome for students, SIS is committed to continuously ensure the quality of the education programme through International quality assurance, accreditation and assessment  benchmark standards. Primary students take the iPSLE (International Primary School Examination from Singapore) at the end of the Primary level. Secondary students take the Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) Examination at the end of the 2-year IGCSE programme.

Cambridge International A Levels examination or NCC Level 3 International Foundation Diploma Programmes certification will be undertaken in the final year of High School study which provides access to universities worldwide. Accreditation of our schools is provided by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Our academic staff originate from various English native-speaking and Asian countries. They specialise in conducting creative student-centered lessons balanced with explicit teaching of new content and skills, aspiring to the high standards of an International education.

Our schools challenge young minds to enjoy learning by making meaningful connections through group and independent work and multi-media assignments, supplemented with experiential learning for a highly dynamic and multi-cultural world of tomorrow.

Integrated Programme

Singapore International School (SIS) collaborates with our partner school, Singapore Vietnam International School (SVIS) to offer the Integrated Primary and Junior High Programme.

The Integrated Programme combines the best in Vietnam's education, teaching the core Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) subjects, with a range of international subjects and soft skills delivered through SIS.

In addition to completing the Vietnamese education programme offered by SVIS, Vietnamese students study the following International subjects taught by qualified foreign teachers: English, Social Studies, Information and Communication Technology, Health and Physical Education, Music / Arts and Chinese as a Foreign Language . An “English as a Foreign Language” programme is provided for students with low English proficiency levels to complement the aforementioned subjects.

Both the International and Integrated programmes include weekly STEM lessons, with a focus on robotics and coding.

English language competence is further supported and strengthened in both programmes through the use of DynEd, a world-class English language learning software programme, that provides students with a tailored English language course incorporating both online and face-to-face learning with their teachers. DynEd lessons are scheduled weekly from Year 3 through to Year 12 ensuing our students achieve a high level of English proficiency.

Our programmes also include an Outward Bound course, which is designed to build self-confidence and strengthen leadership skills such as teamwork, perseverance and effective communication, for students from Year 4 to Year 12.

Premium Vietnamese Education Programme (PVEP)

To cater to the Vietnamese demand for quality education, our Group introduced the Premium Vietnamese Education Programme or PVEP.

PVEP is designed for Vietnamese students who are seeking a broader perspective with an international aspect for their education.

With this programme, students will study the full Vietnamese curriculum regulated by Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) together with Cambridge’s English to develop language competency and skills. They will also be able to sit for international English standardized examinations to prepare for entry into local and international universities. Through our programme, students become confident and creative individuals, problem solvers, effective communicators and socially responsible citizens.

PVEP was first launched at SVIS @ Nha Trang in August 2014.