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Four schools successfully gain WASC Candidacy Status

KinderWorld International Group, Singapore International School (SIS) System: Four schools successfully gain WASC Candidacy Status

On 4 May 2012, four schools under the Singapore International School System were granted Candidacy Status by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC). The schools granted Candidacy status are SIS @ Saigon South, SIS @ Van Phuc, SIS @ Ciputra and SIS @ Cau Giay. The Singapore International School System is the first school system in Vietnam to have four schools listed as candidates for full WASC Candidacy Status. WASC is one of six private, nonprofit, regional accrediting associations in the United States, accrediting schools located in California, Hawaii, Pacific Islands, and East Asia. WASC is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education as an international and high profile accrediting agency. WASC provides its service to over 4,000 schools and aims to foster excellence in education by encouraging continuous school improvement.

The process of application for accreditation is strictly determined by WASC. Through this process, schools are expected to create the highest quality learning experience they can envision for all students. WASC assessors, Dr David Brown, Dr Peter Toscano and Dr Harlan Lyso, visited each school for two days. During this time they met with corporate staff, principals, teachers, students and parents at each school. Assessors commented that the Singapore International School System has a well articulated system of corporate and educational governance, with high levels of principal and teacher responsibility resulting in a very positive impact for student learning. In addition, the assessors noted that teacher training and development was impressive; one of the best they had seen in international schools. WASC further commented that curriculum delivery for both International and Integrated programmes was systematic and rigorous. On visits to both International and Integrated classrooms, assessors noted that students were highly motivated and engaged in their study.

With four schools successfully gaining WASC Candidacy Status, Singapore International School System has taken an important first step towards full accreditation level. In aspiring towards full accreditation, the Singapore International School System will maintain the existing rigorous curriculum and study pathway, provide excellent staff and offer a well rounded education which allows students to access international universities. The continuation of self-improvement is a part of aspiring to full, prestigious accreditation with WASC.

Singapore International School is committed to high levels of education service. The Candidacy Status awarded by WASC reflects Singapore International Schools’ ultimate goal to provide high quality teaching and learning opportunities for both staff and students in Vietnam. With four schools successfully gaining WASC Candidacy Status, students will have greater opportunity to articulate to U.S universities if they wish to study in that part of the world.

Please visit http://www.acswasc.org/ for information on WASC.